Please read this disclaimer statement carefully. This is the stuff our legal people tell us we need to tell you.

This updated version is effective from 04/01/2022.



For B2C & B2B clients OCC does not act on your behalf, we do not process or handle your complaint or claim, we do not advise, investigate or represent. The processing and handling are completed by you as the inputting end-user.

OCC provides a platform for self-help and complaints and claims information, such information is for your own private use and does not constitute claims, complaints, or legal advice.

OCC does not review any information you provide on the platform for legal accuracy, nor do we draw legal conclusions, or provide opinions about your selected product reports, nor do we apply the law to the facts of your complaint or potential claim.

If you need legal advice for a specific complaint, you should consult with a licensed solicitor. OCC is not a law firm, consequently, any communications between you and OCC may not be protected under client Solicitor privilege.

Within the software, you can identify your financial product/s and provider/s, answer within a detailed format, upload and review your statements for errors, breaches, overcharging, or misselling, then generate two reports* financial and compliance related.

These reports allow you to properly formulate and evidence a complaint about potential breaches, overcharging, or mis-selling to your lender, the FOS the FSCS, or your solicitor for immediate action and remediation.

OCC via other platform websites offers clients the opportunity to take a FREE AI Claim Checker test. Clients can then decide to either progress with a claim themselves or use a No Win No Fee (NWNF) licensed legal firm or claims company provider to act on their behalf in executing and if required prosecuting their potential claim. All third-party arrangements are at the client's discretion and as such the client will be bound by that third party's terms.

For B2B clients - In the UK you require to be fully licensed by the FCA or the appropriate solicitors regulatory body, to advise, investigate or represent a claimant. Please check out the FCA requirements you need to fulfill, by clicking - HERE.


By completing the signup process you represent that the account belongs to you and you are responsible for maintaining the security of your OCC Account and are responsible for all activities that occur under your OCC Account, whether or not you authorized the activity. You will immediately notify OCC of any unauthorized use of your OCC account or other breaches of security.

You cannot sell, transfer, or assign your OCC Account to someone else without our express written consent. All AI-generated reports via the AI Claim Checker are subject to the data input via the client. By using the site a client/you are agreeing that licensed third-party agents can contact you to offer their services in properly processing your complaint and claim, at your request and any agreement you enter into with them, normally a no win no fee agreement, is between you and that third party.




·         Automatically connect with the appropriate financial provider online.

·         Keep a file record of all your correspondence.

·         Send off your detailed generated reports, evidencing your complaint.

·         Manage the whole process in "real-time" from your OCC user account.


The OCC platform enables the user to "DIY" raising and handling a series of complaints, relating to financial or other breaches, as well as overcharging, or potential mis-selling of financial products.

The OCC platform strives to make online dispute resolutions (ODR) and the digitized automatic raising and processing issues of a consumer financial complaint, simpler and easier for all users.



As our OCC platform is automated, the provision of Customer Service is provided at OCC's sole discretion.

If you have questions or comments please contact us:

Email -

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REGISTERED OFFICE - OCC Software Limited - 3F1 Third Floor 3 Hill Street Edinburgh EH2 3JP.


* All OCC AI-generated reports, financial and compliance related are subject to the user entering correct and truthful answers and figures from available statements, documentation, contracts, or correspondences. No responsibility can be taken by OCC for incorrect or untruthful data uploaded to the software within the user's designated account.

From time to time we may change or update our terms. We reserve the right to make changes or updates at any time. For a full copy of our T&C please email For any broken links or outdated data - Please Let Us know - Click.


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