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You can quickly & easily generate compliance reports covering overcharging, mis-selling & breaches.









CHECK - Select Your Financial Products. 

The first step is for you to click on the product/s you wish to add to the software platform - Credit Cards - Bank Accounts - Utilities - Gas/Electric Meters  Insurances - Mortgage - Investment - Pension - Loans - Other.

You can review the financial product types that the software checks within the home page & header menu.

Once you have identified your financial product/s from our list and picked a product, you simply move on to the next step.

CONFIRM - Follow The Online Procedures.

Once you have identified and confirmed your financial product/s, simply complete the online procedures and Confirm the appropriate details within the software. This will then allow you to automatically and forensically assess and review two main sectors in respect of your financial product/s, then generate two corresponding reports.

Compliance & Financial - The first compliance report is an automated compliance analysis. The second financial report is a detailed forensic analysis.

Due Diligence & Underwriting - The automated analysis reports systems can also be adjusted to review the components of due diligence on a financial product's contractual arrangements, allowing for a full assessment of the underwriting of any potential consumer-related dispute, inclusive of the cause, merits, and value of a complaint and claim.

CLICK - Then Generate The Results.

If the software analysis identifies overcharging, compliance breaches, errors, or potential mis-selling, it automatically generates the reports and saves them to the "Your Documents" section within your account.

One or both reports are automatically attached to a generated covering letter for the initial submission in real-time online to your financial provider. (We suggest that you treat these as two separate complaints, sending them in intervals). These reports act as potential evidence, and are processed directly and instantly to your provider's online link within your account, as a complaint or claim/s, outlining and detailing your case for the appropriate financial remediation and payout - Any payout goes automatically and directly to you.

PROCESS - Submit Your Complaint & Claim.

To process in "real-time" directly to your provider, simply click on the "process your claim icon" and an email template will auto-generate containing a link to all your documents, including the cover letter and the structured evidence of your complaint and claim, add your own email account to the send list and click SEND, this will go directly to your provider.

Additionally, within your account, you also have a "Your Notes" section, it is always worthwhile to make regular update notes regarding when you sent your complaint to your Financial Provider and any accompanying reply notes. All details entered are dated and time-stamped for your convenience. Allowing you to keep a detailed tracking history and timeline of all communications on your complaint and claims progress and history with your financial providers, lender, the FOS, the FSCS regulators, or your solicitor.

If you prefer to use an OCC-listed Company who operate our AI platforms rather than "DIY" simply request with a - Click.

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